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Kohler Drafting Services' detailing office caters for the needs of structural steel fabrication companies.


Our professional drafters use Tekla Structures 3D (Xsteel) drawing package, which has proven to be fast, reliable and accurate. The package is ideally suited for complex structures and is capable of producing detailed workshop and erection drawings.


Our service includes a number of lists which are invaluable to the fabricator such as:


  • Material list from which materials can be sourced
  • Parts list. A complete list of each part needed for the project. Fittings can be cut from this list and then marked out from details on fitting sheets. A fitting sheet is produced for every part (fittings and shafts)
  • Assembly list. A complete list of assemblies needed for the project, showing weights of assemblies (for galvanizing) and assembly part surface area (for painting). The assembly list is very useful. It can be used to record that each assembly has been fabricated, and assemblies can be grouped into various deliveries and paint finishes.
  • Bolt List. Two bolt lists are produced, the first is a summary of all bolts required and is used for sourcing. The second is a list showing rigger which bolts are in each connection, including grade and type.


We also have the capability to supply CNC codes for beam lines & profile cutting, and full size wrap-around templates if required.